ePiPS – *New* UK based Paediatric Surgical Podcast Series

“Welcome to our series of podcasts titled ePIPS – evidence-based podcasts in paediatrics surgery. My name is Hemanshoo Thakkar and I am a ST8 trainee in paediatric surgery at Great Ormond Street Hospital for children.

This is the first podcast series from the UK for paediatric surgery. It is mapped according to our curriculum. The podcasts are freely available on the Soundcloud platform that can be downloaded through the App Store for Apple as well as Android devices. In the comments section of each podcast I have inserted references at the relevant point in time when the discussion is taking place.

The first podcast is on Oesophageal Atresia. I’m sharing it from the SoundCloud iOS app.

The podcasts are also available on our twitter page @ePiPS2. Please do leave us any comments. We hope that you enjoy our series of podcasts. We will be releasing a new title each week.

If you do have any comments please feel free to post them on SoundCloudand to join the mailing list for release notifications, please contact us.”

Hemanshoo Thakkar
ST8 Paediatric Surgery
Great Ormond Street Hospital

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