Research Training Fellowship

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Global PaedSurg Research Training Fellowship

Global PaedSurg aims to not just generate much needed research, but also the much needed researchers of tomorrow. From the beginning, developing research capacity globally has been one of our main aims. Alongside the crucial research skills that Global PaedSurg collaborators may develop from participation and presentation of the study, there is also opportunity for collaborators to undertake more independent research and study to further enhance research capacity.

The Research Training Fellowship follows a series of monthly webinars that work through the stages of planning, developing and undertaking a research project. There is also the option for collaborators to undertake their own local research project alongside the main study, guided by an allocated academic mentor.

If you are interested in taking part in the Research Training Fellowship webinars, developing your own research project with a mentor, or becoming an academic mentor or webinar lecturer, then please contact us here. All members will receive access to video recordings of the sessions on the blog via passwords sent separately. Consultants and registrars may access their session videos here. Junior doctors and medical students may access their session videos here.

Research Training Fellowship Webinars

1. Introduction, Literature Review & Developing a Research Question
– Miss Naomi Wright, 26th October 2018
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2. Choosing Your Study Design
– Prof Adesoji Ademuyiwa, Assoc Prof Emily Smith, 30th November 2018
Session Notes: EnglishItalian, PortugueseSpanish
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3. Ethical Considerations, Gaining Study Approval & Undertaking Patient Consent
Associate Prof Lars Hagander, 25th January 2019
Session Notes: EnglishItalianPortugueseSpanish
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4. How to Write a Study Protocol
Miss Naomi Wright, 22nd February 2019
Session Notes: EnglishItalian, Portuguese, Spanish
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5. Data Collection
Prof  Adesoji Ademuyiwa & Tessa Conception, 29th March 2019
Session Notes: EnglishItalian, PortugueseSpanish
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6. Data Cleaning and Analysis 
Dr Emily Smith & Tessa Conception, 25th April 2019
Session Notes: English, ItalianPortuguese

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7. Data Interpretation 
Miss Naomi Wright, 31st May 2019
Session Notes: English
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8. Preparing an Abstract for Submission at a Conference for Presentation
Associate Prof Samir K. Gadepalli, 28th Jun 2019
Session Notes: English

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9. Writing a Manuscript for Publication
Prof Lars Hagander, 26th July 2019
Session Notes: English
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10. Choosing a Journal and Submitting for Publication
Prof Nathan Novotny, 27th Sep 2019
Session Notes: English

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