1st International Posterior Urethral Valves (PUV) Study Group 26-27th November

We are excited to share an upcoming online seminar on another important congenital anomaly: posterior urethral valves.

The 1st International Posterior Urethral Valves Study Group is organised by Evelina London Children’s Hospital and will run over the course of two afternoons on the 26th and 27th November 2021.

Join experts from across the world in discussions on the challenges and controversies relating to the managing of posterior urethral valves (PUV) in children. Scheduled themes include antenatal management, neonatal management, bladder function in PUV, kidney function, follow-up, and research.

**Please note, delegates from lower income countries can register for free by sending an e-mail to EvelinaEducation@gstt.nhs.uk for a fee waiver**

For more details regarding registration, fees, payment, and booking queries, click here.

The full programme can be found below:

Friday 26 November 2021 (12.45-18.15 UK GMT)

12.45-13.00 – Introduction of the meeting and Welcome. Massimo Garriboli

13.00-14.30 – Theme: Antenatal management.

  • Prenatal Diagnosis: The PLUTO study and systematic review of the literature of vesico-amnotic shunting. Mark D. Kilby (Birmingham, UK)
  • Foetal intervention technical aspect. Josè Luis Peiro (Cincinnati, USA)
  • Foetal intervention based on diagnosis and classification. Rodrigo Ruano (Houston, USA)
  • Round table. Moderators: MK Farrugia (Chelsea, UK) / Kypros Nicolaides (KCL, UK)

14.30-14.40 – Break

14.40-16.10 – Theme: Neonatal management: primary resection/diversion. (Each speaker presenting a different approach)

  • MS Ansari (SGPGI, India)
  • Luke Harper (Bordeaux, France)
  • Mandy Rickard and Armando Lorenzo (Toronto, Canada)
  • Round table. Moderators: Luis Braga (Hamilton, Can) / Santiago Vallasciani (Doha, Qatar)

16.10-16.20 – Break

16.20-17.50 – Theme: Bladder function in PUV.

  • How/when to investigate bladder dysfunction. Joanna Clothier (Evelina, UK)
  • How/when to treat bladder dysfunction. Joana Dos Santos (Toronto, Can)
  • Primary BN and secondary BN obstruction diagnosis and management. Marcos Machado (Sao Paulo, Brasil)
  • Round table. Moderators: Gundela Holmdahl (Gothenburg, Sweden) / John Lazarus (Cape Town, South Africa)

17.50-18.15 – Discussion, feedback, close

Saturday 27 November 2021 (12.45-18.15 UK GMT)

12.45-13.00 – Join session

13.00-14.30 – Theme: Kidney function.

  • How/when to investigate, how/what to monitor/manage. Chris Reid (London, UK)
  • Renal transplantation and pre/post Tx preparation: the nephrologist perspective. Ann Raes (Ghent, Bel)
  • Renal transplantation and pre/post Tx preparation: the urologist perspective. Pedro Lopez Pereira (Madrid, Spa)
  • Round table. Moderators: Enrico Vidal (Padua, Ita) and Jorge Ferraris (Buenos Aires, Arg)

14.30-14.40 – Break

14.40-16.10 – Theme: Follow up protocol and long term results

  • Evalynn Vasquez (Los Angeles, USA)
  • Juan Manuel Moldes (Buenos Aires, Arg)
  • Ashraf T Hafez (Mansour, Egypt)
  • Massimo Garriboli (Evelina, UK)
  • Round table. Moderators: Berk Burgu (Ankara, Tur) and Abubacarr Jah (Gambia)

16.10-16.20 – Break

16.20-17.45 – Theme: Research in PUV.

  • What has been done? Magdalena Fossum (Stockholm, Swe)
  • The genetics of human urinary bladder malformations. Adrian S Woolf (Manchester, UK)
  • Epigenetic and bladder dysfunction. Darius Bagli (Toronto, Can)
  • PUV Delphi Study. Rogier Schroeder (Utrecth, Ned)
  • Round table. Moderators: Roger De Filippo (Los Angeles, USA) / David Long (London, UK)

17.45-18.15 – Final round table to reflect on all sessions, feedback and close



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