RCS Blog Post – A New Perspective on Paediatric Surgery Worldwide

While congenital birth defects have risen to become one of the top five causes of death in children under 5, perhaps the greatest injustice lies in the shocking statistic that 97% of those deaths occur in low- and middle-income regions.

However, global collaborative research offers us the opportunity to change that, by studying the vast variations in education, training and resources available to local health teams across the world.

Fresh from the success of the 2016/2017 PaedSurg Africa initiative, our aims are to continue to expand research collaboration globally, with the inclusion of an even wider selection of congenital anomalies. Aiming to be the largest study of its kind, Global PaedSurg hopes to map, for the first time, the current management and outcomes of these common congenital anomalies across the globe, representing baby steps towards more meaningful outcomes.

Read the full article here, published on the Royal College of Surgeons of England blog.



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