PaedSurg Africa – Results Publication

We are excited to announce that the results from the landmark PaedSurg Africa study have now been published in the BMJ Global Health.

PaedSurg Africa is a multi-centre research collaboration of surgeons, anaesthetists and allied health professionals undertaking neonatal and paediatric surgery throughout sub-Saharan Africa (SSA). Collectively, the collaboration has produced the largest prospective cohort study of paediatric surgery focused on this region of the world. The study’s primary aim was to compare the outcomes of five common neonatal and paediatric surgical conditions between SSA and high-income countries. Data was collected between October 2016 to April 2017 on five conditions (gastroschisis, anorectal malformation, appendicitis, inguinal hernia and intussusception). This involved 220 collaborators from 76 hospitals in 23 countries collecting data on 1407 children. This lay the foundations and later inspired the global collaborative effort that was Global PaedSurg.

The full text is available here: Paediatric surgical outcomes in sub-Saharan Africa: a multicentre, international, prospective cohort study.

We would like to thank the PaedSurg Africa Research Collaboration for their invaluable input, teamwork and dedication in highlighting the global need for safe, affordable, and timely surgical care in children and neonates.


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