New Publication – Cost-effectiveness of neonatal surgery for congenital anomalies in LMICs

We are very proud to announce yet another exciting article from some members of our Global PaedSurg team.

In keeping with continuing efforts to raise awareness on the global burden of congenital anomalies, the article is the published protocol for an upcoming systematic review evaluating the cost-effectiveness of neonatal surgery in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs).

Such studies are crucial, not only because there is a scarcity of data on paediatric surgery for congenital anomalies in LMICs, but because they aim to build a portfolio of evidence to fight our case on behalf of the children and families affected by these conditions every year.

High quality evidence demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of  early surgical intervention for congenital anomalies will be key in directing future interventions and investments globally.

Join the growing conversation on congenital anomalies and read the full open-access article here.


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