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This week, we are proud to present our exciting collaboration with global surgery platform, One.Surgery.

Borne from an idea just nine-months ago by forward-looking British orthopaedic surgeon, Mr Saqib Noor, One.Surgery is now managed by a fast growing international team passionate about improving surgical care worldwide. Their bi-monthly periodical, Voices of One.Surgery, is empowering, enlightening and full of heart.

In their latest issue Safety First, we have collaborated with One.Surgery to write an article regarding the ideas, inspirations and inner workings of Global PaedSurg. In the spirit of collaboration, they have also kindly offered to write for us for in this week’s blog.

Read on to learn more about One.Surgery and their fantastic publication dedicated to global surgery.


Dr. Ankit Raj, founding member of the One Surgery team, a medical intern from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India.







Undergoing a major surgical procedure is one of the most daunting times of our lives. Amidst the suffering of the disease and the uncertainties of surgery, we place our trust and faith in surgical teams to deliver the outcome that we and our loves ones dearly hope for.

Surgery, however, is not a uniform event. The variables in achieving surgical success differ widely, from team to team, from hospital to hospital, from country to country. The discrepancies between surgical care being delivered across the globe is stark, with a vast proportion of the world’s population in a state of surgical neglect.

There is now an urgent and growing movement to address this imbalance and improve surgical care worldwide. Within this movement, there is an inspiring chorus of voices singing together in an attempt to tackle the greatest surgical challenge of our generation.

One.Surgery believes these voices deserve to be highlighted – from surgeons to anaesthetists, from nurses to allied carers, from patients to professors and from politicians to industry experts. We hope these inspiring and deserving voices will be heard by and shared with as many people as possible.

The Voices of One Surgery is a periodical publication, produced by a passionate international team, aiming to unite and share the widely distributed advocacy efforts for global surgery by providing a platform for sharing ideas, projects, innovations and research. Using a combination of surgical experience in austere settings, web technology and story-telling, One.Surgery hopes to empower, inspire and enlighten all those believing in the same vision.


So far, Voices has released three issues in a span of six months, successfully producing an issue bimonthly with a consistent rise of readership and admiration from experts within the field and the wider general public. All of our previously released issues have focused on any one context of global surgery, featuring excellent stories, projects, interviews, researches, innovations and opportunities. Our fourth issue, titled “Safety First” will be released in December as we look further towards the New Year and continue to expand our readership and horizons. Excitingly, this issue will also tell the story of Global PaedSurg, a rapidly growing research movement that first aims to create the largest, most geographically comprehensive paediatric surgical study on congenital anomalies.


As we continue to look for expansion, support and growth, we will always maintain our rooted principles of maintaining high quality, free to access, independent story-telling and ethical funding. We will continue to follow the progress of global surgery as it changes lives throughout the world and advocate for greater challenges that lie ahead.  We welcome partnerships within the healthcare and publishing industries to further promote and sustain the inspiring work that continues to be performed throughout the world on a daily basis.


Voices of One Surgery would be delighted to represent your voice in relation to the global surgery movement. If you have any stories, insights, interviews, projects or any other ideas you would like to share, our editorial team will be happy to consider it for publication.

Read our previous publications at: https://voices.one.surgery/

Or submit your stories at: https://voices.one.surgery/your-voice/

Or email us for more details or to get in touch: editor@one.surgery

Follow us on: https://twitter.com/OneDotSurgery or https://www.facebook.com/onedotsurgery


Dr. Ankit Raj is a founding member of the One Surgery team, a medical intern from Kasturba Medical College, Manipal, India with interests in global surgery, health policy and digital health. Follow him on: https://twitter.com/RajAnkit14

Dr. Saqib Noor is an orthopedic surgeon from UK, founder of One.Surgery project and currently pursuing a pediatric orthopedic fellowship from Toronto, Canada.


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