Talking IA and ARM with Dr Sebastian King – Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne

The ONE in 5000 Foundation is a non-profit charity organisation established to champion and support anyone affected by the congenital condition anorectal malformation (ARM) (also called imperforate anus or IA), one of seven conditions included in Global PaedSurg. The condition has an incidence of about 1:5000 births in Western communities with higher rates in some communities. IA/ARM can have significant physical and psycho-social impacts on those that grow up with the condition, and ONE in 5000 Foundation aims to raise awareness,  educate communities and support those fighting the same fight.

The founder of this worthy cause has been previously featured on our blog and is none other than Grey Ryan, fellow IA/ARM adult and published author of A Secret Life – Surviving A Rare Congenital Condition.

This week, Greg and ONE in 5000 Foundation interview Associate Professor Sebastian King, consultant paediatric colorectal surgeon and Global PaedSurg Continent Lead for Australasia. Watch below as he discusses IA/ARM and how it can affect those growing up with it, from associated health problems to schooling and toilet training. If you enjoyed the video, please give it a thumbs up and consider sharing it on social media.

00:23 Meet Assoc. Prof. Sebastian King

02:32 Tell us your plans for a Melbourne Based Colorectal Centre
04:30 Please tell us about IA and ARM
07:14 What is a cloaca 
09:57 What are the commonly ARM associated medical problems for girls and boys
14:53 Parents often want to know whether the ARM was their fault
16:49 What are the chances of a second child with an ARM
17:47 ARM kids at school and daycare
22:13 What sort of effect does ARM have on female reproduction
23:08 What sort of effect does ARM have on male reproduction
24:02 Can we expect an ARM person to ever obtain complete continence
26:51 How long will toilet training take
29:43 Does the surgery solve all the problems


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